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Monthly Newsletter - October 2020

This Month at ASHRAE Iowa

UPDATE!!! The October Chapter meeting was changed to an all virtual meeting. Sorry for the confusion on this. See link below to register for the virtual meeting tomorrow!

The Region VI CRC virtual event is going on now! There is still time to register and access lots of sessions going on over the next few days. Use the link below to register and view the meeting information!

President's Corner
Welcome to Autumn Iowa Chapter! In normal years, the time between the golf outing and the first chapter meeting seems long, in 2020, it feels like it’s been years. We are looking forward to getting together again on October 22nd.
This year we are having our annual joint meeting with the Iowa State Student ASHRAE Chapter virtually for the health and safety of all attendees. This unfortunately means no tours of the latest and greatest buildings Ames has to offer, but does allow us all a better opportunity to join in on our industry panel. We are continuing the tradition to host a panel of industry professionals to discuss their work, involvement in ASHRAE, and path to their career with students. This year we are fortunate to have an all-female panel with experience in all aspects of our industry. I know that the knowledge and experience of our panelists will be valuable to all and encourage you to participate.  We will also be awarding several scholarships to some well-deserving student applicants. See our website for additional details and to register for the event.
Looking ahead, we have planned an afternoon of ethics and technical information for our “November” meeting set for December 1st. We are fortunate to have secured Distinguished Lecturer (DL) Mick Schwedler as a speaker. Unfortunately, due to continued COVID-19 concerns, ASHRAE Society has banned DL travel for the remainder of the calendar year. While this has sidelined our in-person planning for that meeting, we have worked out a virtual backup plan and will release final details shortly.
The Board of Governors is having continued conversations regarding the chapter’s willingness and ability to safely host chapter meetings in person. We understand that a large portion of chapter membership is the networking and personal bonds forged between members at our meetings; however, we have decided to continue meetings virtually for the time being for the health and safety of all of our members. Thank you for your understanding and for your continued support of our chapter. If you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns with these decisions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Finally, a plea for money! If you or your company would like to support our ASHRAE Research Promotion (RP) campaign, please take a few moments to visit our RP section of the newsletter. There you will find directions on how you can support our chapter and its fundraising goals. The Iowa Chapter has been a consistent RP leader in our region, and we aim to continue that this year. Please also consider sponsoring this newsletter. If you have a desire to become a newsletter sponsor, please contact either of our RP chairs. Thank you for your support!
We hope to see you on October 22nd!
Adam Puls (
Iowa Chapter President 2020-2021
ASHRAE Iowa Chapter
- Board of Governors -
Matt Jesson
Nick Terhall
Laura Russo
Jacob Larson
- Officers -
 Adam Puls
President Elect
 Tyson Scheidecker
 Michael Gustafson
 Ted Gerber
- Committee Chairs –
 Dan Zaug
 Joe Moench
 Gary Thompson
 Dan Blake
 Jason Kems
 Chris Clausen
 Kit Cartwright
 Matt Gumm
 Matt Swenka
 David Poetting
Honors & Awards
 Brian Steffens
 Luke Miller
Product Directory
 Holly Elbert
 Justin Barrett
Research Promotion
 Tjaden Ahrens
 Nick Seymour
 Student Activities
  Joe Nielsen
  Michael Seymour
 Mike Wolfe
 Elli Cloyd
 Terrence Schafer
Golf Outing Committee
 Jeff Hammer
 Nathan Edwards
Past Presidents
David Poetting 2019-2020
Brian Steffens 2018-2019
Luke Miller 2017-2018
Andrew Pospisal 2016-2017   
Matt Gumm 2015-2016
Justin Barrett 2014-2015
Tim Conrad 2013-2014
Matt Jesson 2012-2013
Kelly Crow 2011-2012
Holly Elbert 2010-2011
Roger Lesher 2009-2010
Kit Cartwright 2008-2009
Jerrod Sieverding 2007-2008
Jason Kems 2006-2007
Chuck Heldenbrand 2005-2006
Jeff Gross 2004-2005
Ron Engelhardt 2003-2004
Dan Zaug 2002-2003
Susan Oltrogge 2001-2002
Christopher Nelson 2000-2001
Donald Swanson 1999-2000
Edward Truslow 1998-1999
James Hall 1997-1998
Robbin Vannoy 1996-1997
Mark Conway 1995-1996
Paul Melton 1994-1995
Gregory Maxwell 1993-1994
Jeffery Hammer 1992-1993
Jack Culp 1991-1992
James Lee 1990-1991
Clint Leonard 1989-1990
Charles Pedersen 1988-1989
Gary Reynolds 1987-1988
Dennis Hogan 1986-1987
Eugene Zefron 1985-1986
Donald Hagge 1984-1985
Robert Rist 1983-1984
Joseph Proctor 1982-1983
Mark Allen 1981-1982
Curtis Klaassen 1980-1981
Gerald Anderson 1979-1980
C.W. Miller 1978-1979
Richard South 1977-1978
Verne Stewart 1976-1977 
Curtis Hammer 1975-1976 
Ralph Schilling 1974-1975 
Donald Bonicamp 1973-1974 
Kent Mosher 1972-1973 
Thomas Van Hon 1971-1972 
Robert McBride 1970-1971 
William Whitman 1969-1970 
Einar Dahl 1968-1969 
Eugene O’Neil 1967-1968 
James Green 1966-1967 
Neil Hanson 1965-1966 
Bob Flanagan 1964-1965 
Lyndon Kelley 1963-1964 
Elwood Giberson 1962-1963 
Vern Polly 1961-1962 
John Bain 1960-1961 
Crom Campbell 1959-1960 
R.T. Howard 1958-1959 
W.A Schworm 1957-1958 
D.E. Schroeder 1956-1957 
G.J. Kraai 1955-1956 
W.E. Nanes 1954-1955 
J.F. Sandfort 1953-1954 
R.H. Schnell 1952-1953 
C.H. McGuiness 1951-1952 
R.S. Stover 1950-1951 
D.E. Wells 1949-1950 
D.C. Murphy 1948-1949 
C.A. Wheele 1947-1948 
E.O. Olson 1946-1947 
B.E. Landes 1945-1946 
W.W. Stuart 1944-1945 
C.W. Helstrom 1943-1944 
P.E. Triggs 1942-1943 
Perry LaRue 1941-1942 
R.A. Norman 1940-1941 
Tracy Johnson 1939-1940 
W.R. White 1938-1939
Upcoming Meetings
Mark your calendars! The chapter is working hard to put on a great set of events this year and we hope to see you there.

Iowa Chapter Future Meetings

Month Date Location Topic
August 31 Briarwood Country Club Ankeny Fall Frolic Golf Outing
October 22 ***VIRTUAL*** Student Night + Women in Industry Panel
December 1 ***VIRTUAL*** Super Tech with Mick Schwedler
December 14 Holiday Inn (Downtown) SMCI / CSI Joint Meeting
January 20 Des Moines Area TBD Air Side Testing and Balancing
February 17 Des Moines Area TBD Refrigeration
March 16 Des Moines Area TBD Hydronic Balancing with Luciano Belo
April TBD At Your Computer Webinar
April TBD Des Moines Area TBD Bowling + History Project
May TBD Des Moines Golf and Country Club Spring Fling Golf Outing


Society & Region Events

Month Date Location Topic
October 2020 25-27 Peoria, IL - Virtual 2020 Region VI CRC
January 2021 23-27 Chicago, IL 2021 Winter Conference
April-May 2021 29-1 Green Bay, WI 2021 Region VI CRC
What's New in the Iowa Chapter?

Food Bank Efforts & "Pack the Pantry"

A joint effort with local industry, local government, Iowa State University Extension, and our chapter has helped over 100 grant applications secure nearly $450,000 in funding for walk in coolers projects at local food pantries. Applicants can receive up to $10,000 to increase refrigeration capacity making more perishable, locally-grown foods available to their customers. A special thanks to Justin Barrett, Tim Conrad, and Jon Scanlan with HyVee for spearheading the efforts to assist with this program.

2020 History Project is Ready!

Check out the latest history project that Brian Steffens put together. He helped organize and albumize all of our past photos into one location for viewing – our website!

If you want to find the page on your own, go to the Committee menu, History and Photo Album History. From there, click on any of the many albums created to view the photos.

Have some old ASHRAE related photos you want to share? Send them to Brian or get them to any one of the board members. We’ll get them added to our archive and posted so everyone can enjoy them for years.


ASHRAE COVID-19 Resource Page

To view ASHRAE's COVID-19 resource page, click here:

2020 Product Directory is Complete

Thank you to all sales representatives for advertising. The directory is available in PDF format on our website (Click Here) Printed copies should have already been delivered by mail to all ASHRAE Iowa members and non-members who ordered the directory.  If you would like to order additional directories they are $10.  Please contact Holly Elbert to order.   If there are any questions, or you did not receive your directory please contact Holly at

Consider ASHRAE eLearing

In light of coronavirus concerns and the impact the pandemic is having on travel, ASHRAE eLearning, a 100% web-based training allowing you to learn at your own pace and when convenient, can be a valuable resource. Courses can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and from any computer with an internet connection. Courses contain interactive exercises that enable you to engage and retain what you have learned. Learn more.
Offerings include these popular course packages: 
  • Fundamentals: HVAC Systems
  • HVAC Control Systems
  • System Essentials
  • DDC Controls
  • Electrical System Design
  • Sustainability
  • Standard 62.1: Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality
  • Standard 90.1: Energy Standard for Buildings
  • Standard 189.1-2011 - High Performing Green Buildings
  • Loads and Modeling
Recently Updated:
  • Introduction to HVAC Design (1.5 PDHs)
  • Refrigeration System Parameters and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) (1.0 PDH)
Once enrolled, you have 12 months to complete your training. 
Why ASHRAE eLearning?
  • Convenient way to learn about new applications and standards
  • Easy way to keep up with license and certification requirements
  • Approved by AIA and GBCI
  • Earn PDHs/CEUs
  • Courses created by industry leaders in HVAC&R
For the complete eLearning catalog, please visit
Individuals can register online at and immediately gain access. Companies can register employees by contacting or calling 678-500-3917. 

ASHRAE eLearning is an approved Continuing Education provider for the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and a U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Education Partner. Continuing Education (CE) hours earned from ASHRAE eLearning may be applied toward maintenance of state-licensed professionals (architects and professional engineers) and LEED credentials.
Thank you,
ASHRAE eLearning
Research Promotion
Please consider donating to Research Promotion (RP). With the new year, we have a new goal. Any donation is helpful and appreciated. This year the Honor Roll levels are set at $150 minimum for individuals and $500 minimum for company investors. If you have any specific questions about how your donated money will be used, please contact Tjaden Ahrens.
This year, the BOG is encouraging you to donate online in an effort to save paper and increase the efficiency of the RP donation process. Please visit the ASHRAE RP Donation page here. ASHRAE provides options for you to determine where to place your donation. The Iowa Chapter is looking to increase its endowment and would appreciate it if you would place your donation in the box available next to “Endowed Research via ASHRAE Foundation”, check the box indicated that you understand that those funds are restricted for the support of ASHRAE Research, and put “Iowa Chapter” in the “Existing Fund Name (If known):” box. From there it’s as simple as any other online purchase with a credit card. 
Don’t forget that ASHRAE is a 501(c)(3) organization.  Contributions are deductible as allowed by law.  A receipt will be sent to the address listed above.

If you would still prefer to donate by check or have any further questions about the donation process, please contact Tjaden Ahrens.
Thank you for your donation!
ASHRAE Society News

Industry News

Turbomachine Expander Offers Efficiency, Safety for Heating, Cooling
Purdue University researchers developed a device to decrease energy consumption of the vapor-compression heat pump cycle, which is commonly used in homes, businesses and vehicles for cooling and heating. The team created a novel turbomachine expander that helps harvest previously wasted energy used in the process of moving the air from high to low pressure. The device can be used as a control agent within an existing heat pump. Read more
Astronauts Replace Coolant Pumps on International Space Station
Two astronauts spent more than six hours installing replacement coolant pumps during a spacewalk on Monday. The astronauts attached the 350-lb (159 kg) pump module to the 6.8 metric ton Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS), plugged in power and data cables and spliced together eight existing coolant lines. The AMS was not designed to be serviced in orbit, so connecting the coolant lines while working in pressurized spacesuits was especially challenging. Read more
MIT Creates System that Cools Without Using Electricity
A new system provides cooling with no electricity by using the process of radiative cooling. The device, which has no moving parts, uses an aerogel insulation that blocks and reflects visible rays of sunlight. The system can keep fruits and vegetables from spoiling and can help double the time the produce remains fresh in remote places where reliable power for refrigeration is not available. Read more
Thermal Comfort Model Measures Body Shape With Sensors
A team at Carnegie Mellon University has created the first model that combines environmental information with data on an individual's body shape to determine thermal comfort. Information is aggregated to find the temperature that the most occupants possible will find comfortable. The system estimates body shape information from depth-imaging sensors, which are less privacy-invasive than approaches such as cameras. Read more
Water Battery Powers Air-Conditioning Systems
A three-story "water battery" is producing enough energy to power a university's air-conditioning systems, which is reducing its reliance on the grid by more than 40%. The water battery is a thermal energy storage system that uses energy generated by a 2.1-megawatt photovoltaic system to cool 4.5 megaliters of water resting inside a three-story tank. The campus' air-conditioning systems use the cooled water. Read more

ASHRAE Learning Opportunities 

Newsletter Sponsors
Sponsoring our monthly newsletter is a great way to advertise your business and support your Iowa ASHRAE Chapter. Please consider sponsoring for the 2020-2021 society year. Renewing and new sponsors need to send in payment immediately for inclusion in next month’s newsletter. Please make checks payable to: ASHRAE Iowa. The cost is $125.


Send payment to:
Peter Ernzen
ASHRAE Newsletter Sponsorship
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Ted Gerber is collecting cards for the sponsors. If you’ve paid and don’t see your card here or would like to revise the card shown, send a card-sized PNG or JPEG file to:
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