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Dear Friend, 

We ask you to join us in demanding that German pharmaceutical company BioNTech share its COVID-19 vaccine technology immediately with vaccine manufacturers in the developing world.   

➡ Tell BioNTech to share the mRNA technology NOW to save lives.

The mRNA vaccine technology of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is an advantageous choice for use and manufacturing in developing countries because it can be stored at standard refrigerator temperatures for one month, is highly adaptable to new variants, and can be manufactured in smaller production sites with no prior experience in vaccine production, at relatively low cost. 

The company urgently needs to share now or else the catastrophic chasm between people vaccinated against the virus in rich countries and people in developing countries left unprotected by vaccines will continue to grow. 

The German government poured millions of euros into the development of this new vaccine technology. Experience has shown that it is possible to share mRNA vaccine know-how and set up production relatively quickly – within 5-8 months.     

This vaccine technology must therefore be treated as a public good and shared where it is needed.    

➡ Call on BioNTech to share the mRNA technology NOW !

There is no time to waste as new waves of the pandemic spread around the globe. 

This week, WHO announced the creation of a technology sharing hub for mRNA vaccines in South Africa. BioNTech should set an example and lead the way by sharing its recipe as quickly as possible, with other companies following suit.  

We won’t be able to end this pandemic until everyone has access to life-saving vaccines – and that means sharing technology now so that new manufacturers can ramp up production.  

Thank you! 

The Access Campaign team

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