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As the appalling global divide between people vaccinated against COVID-19 and people who are not continues to widen, we are calling on high-income countries to urgently redistribute their excess vaccine doses. 

Based on the latest findings,
we estimate that high-income countries will have 870 million excess vaccine doses beyond the needs of their populations this year – even accounting for third ‘booster’ shots for high-risk groups.  

But fewer than 3% of people in low-income countries have been able to access a single dose of vaccine.  

In many places where 
MSF works, we are seeing how this terrible vaccine inequity is playing out as lives are needlessly lost.  

While many world leaders have made high-sounding commitments to redistribute vaccine doses by the end of this year or in to 2022, the world needs immediate action to curb the vaccine divide.  

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Here’s what needs to happen: 

  • High-income governments must commit to monthly redistribution targets of excess vaccines to lower- and middle-income countries for the following 12 months to ensure a steady flow of vaccines and prevent wastage. Starting now. 
  • Vaccine doses should be redistributed well before the expiry dates through the global delivery mechanism COVAX, or other regional bodies, such as through the African Union, to ensure the doses are directed where they are needed most.  
  • Vaccine manufacturers need to stop putting profits before people’s lives. They must stop prioritising sales to high-income countries and share their technology with the WHO technology transfer hub so that vaccine production and supply can boosted where they’re most needed. 
  • All governments must stop blocking the TRIPS Waiver at the World Trade Organization to remove intellectual property barriers to all COVID-19 medical tools. 

Along with other measures, governments must work together to meet the WHO's target of vaccinating 40% of the world’s population by the end of 2021. 

There is so much to do to ensure that everyone is made safe.  

We thank you for your continuing support!  

The MSF Access Campaign team 

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